6 Days Until MDQ Book Release

7-Day Countdown to Our Mom’s Murphys Don’t Quit Book Release on October 5th!

A post from each of the SEVEN Murphy Kids, AKA SLESKRM — Sam, Lauren, Erin, Shannon, Kelsey, Ryan & Maggie – and our Dad (Lauren and our Dad will post together)

Countdown – 6 Days until the Murphys Don’t Quit Book Release!

Today’s Post is from: Ryan

Murphy Kid Order/Number: I am the second youngest of 7 and only boy of the family.

Quick background: I am 22 years old and wrapping up my final year at Mizzou. In the spring, I will be starting my first big boy job in finance.

Favorite part of the book: My favorite part of this book is being able to share Lauren’s story with those who I’ve grown close with over the years that were not familiar with Lauren’s journey.

Ryan’s Post:

I was 12 years old when I was told my sister had a portion of her brain removed.

I was scared, confused, and unsure of what would come next. However, during all of this I never felt alone. Perhaps that is an indication to the family that my mother and father had built over these years. I was fortunate enough to have a vast support system to rely on for the several months following my sister’s accident. This book is a testament to all that my family has gone through on this long road to recovery. I am incredibly proud of both Lauren and my mother for all that they have accomplished since that fateful day. I often find myself in times of despair and look to those two as a sign to keep moving forward, after all Murphys Don’t Quit!

– Ryan Murphy

What Can YOU Do Now?

Help Support our Mom’s Book & Lauren’s Recovery Journey!

1) SHARE this post!

2) ORDER a “Murphys Don’t Quit” book on Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/Murphys-Dont-Quit-Unlocking-Hopeless/dp/1631955179/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=murphys+dont+quit&qid=1630981777&sr=8-1) or Barnes & Noble (https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/murphys-dont-quit-colleen-murphy/1138862342?ean=9781631955181)!

3) ATTEND the October 10th book launch party from 11am – 3pm at Piazza Messina in Cottleville, MO.

4) CONTACT US if your company, organization, or group is interested in our mom, Colleen Murphy, and Lauren telling their story through their live (or virtual) speaking platform – LaurenMurphysdontquit@gmail.com. Events like these provide our mom and Lauren great joy, in that they can share Lauren and our family’s story, connect with and inspire others, and spread awareness of traumatic brain injury and aphasia!

THANK YOU! We ❤️ Team Murphy!

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