5 Days Until MDQ Book Release

7-Day Countdown to Our Mom’s “Murphys Don’t Quit” Book Release on October 5th!

A post from each of the SEVEN Murphy Kids, AKA SLESKRM — Sam, Lauren, Erin, Shannon, Kelsey, Ryan & Maggie – and our Dad (Lauren and our Dad will post together)

Countdown – 5 Days until the “Murphys Don’t Quit” Book Release!

Today’s Post is from: Kelsey

Murphy Kid Order/Number: I am the fifth of seven!

Quick background: I currently work at Edward Jones as a Branch Team Trainer — and I LOVE what I do and who I work with. I also live with my boyfriend, Nick, in Kirkwood.
Favorite parts of the book: Getting to witness this journey through the lens of my mom. Sometimes I was so close to the journey, I was unaware of all the sacrifices she made — thanks, mom!

Kelsey’s Post:

Five days, people!!! Five days!!

I like to picture that episode of the office when Michael Scott tells everyone to ‘STAY CALM’.

Personally, I am so so so proud of my entire family for the journey that we have all been on the past 8 years– specifically my mom!!

As I sat around deciding what to write for my post, I was struggling with what I wanted to share. I have written the last two (year 7 and year 8) updates on CaringBridge and most of the key items I wanted to share I have already written down and posted.

This got me thinking, what if I aligned my post to the theme of my mom’s book, ‘Five Keys To Unlocking Hope When Life Seems Hopeless’? Plus– I am the fifth (and favorite) kid in the family.

So today, I will tell five short stories about why I love my mom, my sister Lauren, and the book in general!

#1: It was a Tuesday and I had just gotten home from soccer practice. I remember my mom looked unusually suspicious. Why was she staring at me and smiling? My mom then asked me to go out onto the deck because she had a surprise for me. I went out onto the deck and she handed me a package that said it was from my sister Lauren in New York. I opened it and the first thing I saw was a framed picture of Justin Bieber. At the bottom of the frame said, ‘Pack your bags, you are coming to NYC’

WHAT?! To my 16-year-old self this was basically the best news in the entire world. I immediately FaceTimed Lauren and started crying…. Is this real life?! Lauren knew I was a huge fan of Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never movie (which was centered around him performing at Madison Square garden). So she bought me a flight and bought the two of us tickets to his upcoming concert in New York–Lauren has always been so thoughtful and generous.

#2: A few months after that FaceTime and amazing surprise, I boarded my first ever plane and headed to New York. Lauren and I had the time of our lives. She took me to Times Square, to the 9/11 Memorial, to St. Patrick’s Cathedral, shopping for the concert and she even paid for me to get a haircut by some fancy New York hair stylist. We laughed literally the entire time. My favorite story from the whole trip was on the second day we were there. Lauren was very in tune with the latest fashions and decided my outfit I had planned on wearing was ‘definitely not cute enough for NYC’– and so she gave me one of her outfits. I put on a pair of tights and a long shirt/dress with a cute pair of over the knee boots. This is hilarious because later in the day Lauren took me to go get a pedicure….. Except I was wearing tights. I told Lauren we should just cut a hole in the tights and then it would be fine.

Lauren had other ideas. These were in fact her favorite pair of tights… so she made me take the tights off. Wrap a towel around me and get a pedicure in NYC…. we could not stop laughing the entire time.

#3: Have you ever re-replayed a conversation in your head over and over and over again?  I have done that exact same thing for the past 8 years. Three days before Lauren’s accident I FaceTimed her to talk about high school. We chatted, we laughed, and Lauren kept commenting how similar the two of us were. We both were incredibly outgoing, fearless and driven. The conversation lasted about 15 minutes when eventually she commented on the ring I was wearing. ‘Oh Kels, that ring is not cute,’ Lauren said as she laughed. But remember I was 17 and immature– and we were sisters. So I told her I was annoyed at her and I needed to go.

I didn’t even tell her I loved her.

Three days later Lauren was hit by a car, had a portion of her brain removed and I thought I would never get a chance to talk to her again.

Anyone who is still reading– please always end your phone calls with I love you.

#4: The main word that comes to mind when I think of the last 8 years is miraculous. Lauren is a living and breathing miracle that has brought so much joy and pride to my life. About two years ago, Lauren and my mom came to speak at Edward Jones. I was surrounded by all my work friends (I love my Edward Jones family) and got to see my mom and Lauren completely captivate a room. I encourage you to request a speech at your school or work if you have not already!

#5 The first time I read the book I was shocked. Even being so close to the story, I still learned so much. For everyone who buys this book, I believe you will get to see all sides of the story for the first time. There will be moments that you cry, moments you cannot stop laughing, and moments when you will empathize with different individuals within the book.

I am so proud of you, mom, for the person that you are, the mom you are to all of us kids, and the sacrifices you have made these past 8 years.

I highly recommend you pre-order a book! (We can definitely make the New York Times bestseller list with all of you!!).

Love you all!


What Can YOU Do Now?

Help Support our Mom’s Book & Lauren’s Recovery Journey!

1) SHARE this post!

2) ORDER a “Murphys Don’t Quit” book on Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/Murphys-Dont-Quit-Unlocking-Hopeless/dp/1631955179/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=murphys+dont+quit&qid=1630981777&sr=8-1) or Barnes & Noble (https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/murphys-dont-quit-colleen-murphy/1138862342?ean=9781631955181)!

3) ATTEND the October 10th book launch party from 11am – 3pm at Piazza Messina in Cottleville, MO.

4) CONTACT US if your company, organization, or group is interested in our mom, Colleen Murphy, and Lauren telling their story through their live (or virtual) speaking platform – LaurenMurphysdontquit@gmail.com. Events like these provide our mom and Lauren great joy, in that they can share Lauren and our family’s story, connect with and inspire others, and spread awareness of traumatic brain injury and aphasia!

THANK YOU! We ❤️ Team Murphy!

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