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7-Day Countdown to Our Mom’s “Murphys Don’t Quit” Book Release on October 5th!
A post from each of the SEVEN Murphy Kids, AKA SLESKRM — Sam, Lauren, Erin, Shannon, Kelsey, Ryan & Maggie – and our Dad (Lauren and our Dad will post together)
Countdown – 3 Days until the “Murphys Don’t Quit” Book Release!
Today’s Post is from: Erin
Murphy Kid Order/Number: 3rd times a charm, am I right? I would say that is DEFINITELY the case with me, as I am the third-born Murphy kid.
Quick background: I am happily married to my college sweetheart, David Simpson, who day by day surprises me by being more like my father than I realized. How did I not see it sooner? Anyway, we are anxiously awaiting the birth of our first child – a girl! – this November! Wish us luck as we start this new adventure together!
Favorite parts of the book: My mom’s ability to make me cry and laugh simultaneously. To be completely transparent, I really struggled to read this book in its entirety. Something about living it made it even harder to read in print … but let me tell you, it is worth the read! I know how inspiring and uplifting Laurens story is, and I am eager to hear how others perceive our reality. 

Erin’s Post:
To be one of the younger sisters of an inspiring and odds-defying sibling is no small task.
I often find myself in awe of all that Lauren and my parents have accomplished. Their resiliency and determination to make the best out of a bad deal is admirable and remarkable. But this does not come without its challenges.
Am I beyond proud of the fact that our Murphy name is known near and far? – Yes!
Do I find myself bragging about all of Lauren’s accomplishments? – Absolutely!
When someone asks me how Lauren is doing, do I only tell them the good stuff? – Without a doubt!
Do I protect my sister and others from knowing the true, daily struggles? – 100%
Do I cry often about how unfair her new normal is? – You betcha!
Is it hard for me to see my life continue on the path I desired while Lauren’s has taken a million twists and turns? – Nope, it’s agonizing!
Even though all of that is true and life is unpredictable and unfair, you will be hard-pressed to find a day when Lauren isn’t happy and ready to tackle whatever obstacle is in her way.
I remember, like yesterday, receiving the phone call from my mother on the day of Lauren’s accident. The emotions were so raw and terrifying that I can bring myself back to that place with little effort.  Our family’s entire world shifted that day, and we have amazingly managed to persevere despite this tragedy.
My siblings and I owe a lot of our dysfunctional but happy, hardworking, and “never give up” mentality to our parents, David and Colleen. Without them, there is no way any of us would be as successful and resilient as we are.
Being the sibling of someone that experienced a tragedy like Lauren’s is a really a weird place to find yourself. As you can imagine – and as you have read this week in the posts from my siblings – we all have a different experience and perspective surrounding the story of our sister, Lauren. What amazes me most about my siblings is that, even though we all fight and disagree on various issues, we have been there for one another from day one. Calling each other just to check in, sending the younger ones money so they didn’t have to worry about asking mom and dad (for food/groceries – or when they just needed booze funds!), and finding time to celebrate our respective accomplishments when the main focus of our family was healing our sister.
 I have learned so much since Lauren was injured.  I was a junior in nursing school when her accident happened. I remember thinking I needed to be proficient in memorizing the nervous system and all the medications that she would be taking. I placed a lot of pressure on myself to be knowledgeable about all aspects of her care.  I would later learn that this was a huge conflict of interest. I found it better for myself and my relationship with Lauren if I focused on being her sister first – and then could apply my nursing background to assist, if needed. I have since learned that simple first aid is really all I need to know to be helpful. Lauren often takes tumbles because her balance is off; in fact, in the most recent months she has completely wiped out my band aid supply. She has also inspired me to order a medical kit to keep in my car… just in case. I really could have used that a few weeks ago after she took a tumble in Forest Park.
Lauren has taught me more in the last few years than any of my medical studies could have provided me with– a bittersweet reality and blessing. It has been amazing to see Lauren’s story inspire so many people. I have watched Lauren and my mom bring rooms full of students and professional alike to tears. It is rare to find a story that resonates with so many people and in all walks of life. Our family’s journey is relatable and heartfelt in so many ways. I really hope you all take the time to read this book, leave a review, and then pass the book along so others can benefit from the messages within.
– Erin
What Can YOU Do Now?
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3) ATTEND the October 10th book launch party from 11am – 3pm at Piazza Messina in Cottleville, MO.
4) CONTACT US if your company, organization, or group is interested in our mom, Colleen Murphy, and Lauren telling their story through their live (or virtual) speaking platform – LaurenMurphysdontquit@gmail.com. Events like these provide our mom and Lauren great joy, in that they can share Lauren and our family’s story, connect with and inspire others, and spread awareness of traumatic brain injury and aphasia!
THANK YOU! We ❤️ Team Murphy!


  1. Beautifully written Erin… you also have the ability to make people laugh and cry in back-to-back sentences. Can’t wait for my copy to arrive!

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