Kelsey Murphy did such a good job writing Lauren’s accident anniversary post last year, we gave her the job again!


It has been 8 years since Lauren was hit by a car. Sometimes we look back on the past 8 years and are filled with so much joy at the blessings God has brought us. We still have our entire family, we are happy, healthy and are continuously growing. But sometimes, just the occasional sometimes, we allow ourselves a moment to be sad about what could have been and what should have been. Today we celebrate the fact that Lauren is alive, that Lauren is happy and that she still has such a great support system. every April 19, we also pause and mourn the life path she could have had.


When we look back on the past 8 years we think about Lauren and her journey, her milestones—Which let me tell you are simply amazing and miraculous. We all celebrated as a group the milestone of Lauren opening her eyes, of her learning to walk, her coming home, her first 5k and ultimately her successful career as a motivational speaker. We also celebrate the fact that as of today Lauren has been seizure free for over 18 months.

But team Murphy is complex and let me tell you— we are a large group.

Picture this: Christmas with just our immediate family consists of 21 people— and three dogs. Some argue that this is the definition of chaos, but we all know that a loud house is filled with so much Love.


Each person in our family has also had their very own personal journey.


You may ask yourself, how does a mother manage 7 children, celebrate each of their lives while also trying to help Lauren who needed her attention every second?

Well that brings in Colleen Murphy (more about that a little later).

We thought today on this celebration of life, we would share what the past 8 years has looked like and a few of the milestones our entire family has experienced.


  • 13 graduations (2 eighth grade, 3 high school, 5 college (including our mom) an MBA and a NP (nurse practitioner) program)
  • We mourned the loss of our uncle who was an integral part of our life. We loveand miss you Uncle Jim. #littlefishy
  • 2 engagements
  • 2 Weddings
  • 2 grandkids (with more on the way!)
  • Sorority events
  • Sporting accomplishments
  • 2 marathons
  • Hundreds of Peloton rides
  • Three houses bought
  • Between the 7 of us we have collectively had over 20 new jobs and several promotions! We really have always been an overachieving bunch
  • I moved in with my boyfriend (though my mother says she and God may not be happy about that one 😂)
  • And many, many more


So how do my parents keep track of all of this?

How do you balance being a mother to 7 active kids, stay up to date in all their lives while simultaneously moving all around the country finding the best specialists to help piece Lauren back together?

You find yourself a Colleen Murphy that is how.

This journey has not been easy. We often post on social media some of the highlights of Lauren’s journey. Have you ever found yourself wanting to know the whole picture, not just the good stuff? Wanting more details as well as honest, raw accounts of what a day in the life of a Murphy would look like?


Well today team Murphy has another big milestone to celebrate.

Today we officially announce the launch of our family’s story; Murphy’s Don’t Quit, Five Keys to Unlocking Hope When Life Seems Hopeless. This book was written by our mother and is packed full of all the feels. It is hilarious, heart breaking and inspirational.


The Ebook version will be released in July, the paperback will follow in October. Murphys Don’t Quit will be available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and basically everywhere books are sold. More information will follow closer to the release date.

For the latest updates go to our website, and subscribe so you don’t miss the latest information on pre-orders, book signings and giveaways. We are so excited to share more of our story with all of you!


I will end with my favorite quote of all time:

“Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end”


Thank you Team Murphy, we love you all so much ❤️

-Kelsey Murphy




  1. Love the update. Congrats on your milestone Lauren and to Colleen for becoming a published author

  2. I just finished reading the book. OH MY! I couldn’t put it down. I have been following Lauren’s journey the entire time. Lauren’s continued recovery is nothing less than miraculous! She is an inspiration to everyone who knows her story. As a mother myself, I must say that Colleen is also miraculous! Colleen, I can’t even find the words to express how in awe I am of you. You are such an amazing person. I laughed and cried reading the book. I have a very similar “sick” sense of humor and the whole time I was reading the book I kept thinking, “this is someone I could be friends with!”. My heart went out to you when you would question whether or not you were a good mother and how hard it was to be away from your husband and your other children. Well, not only are you a “good” mother, you are an INCREDIBLE mother. Lauren and all the rest of your children are so blessed to have you as their mom. And as if taking care of Lauren and making sure she had the best care she could possibly have, you also managed to go back to school and write a book! WOW! Unbelievable! I will continue to follow Lauren’s journey and pray for you, Lauren and all the rest of your family. And I will also pray that “Fiona” gets better at finding things at the grocery store! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

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