Thank You, so very much for sharing your inspiring & heroic story on Lauren & the entire Murphy family at our Parish; Holy Spirit Catholic Church Centralia MO. My husband & I feel blessed to be able to get to know your family & all of you will be in our prayers & thoughts! We are so very sorry for everything your family has been through but to see how faith, determination, hard work, positive thinking, family & friends and the Lord above have helped Lauren & the family is so incredible!! You all are truly blessed and we are truly blessed to have heard your story! It is quite humbling! May God always be at your side Lauren & your families! Keep up the great running 

 I too feel when I run it’s a blessing every time!! And Dad what a great partner to give your daughter when she runs! 

-Bob & Margo Benoit

Lauren & Colleen spoke at a benefit held for my daughter. I was told by more than several people her story touched their heart. This is a resilient duo that will go on to do great things. Thank you for helping bringing awareness to remind us of the tiniest things we take for granted. And  showing with hard work and never giving up, there is no stopping you. #MurphysDontQuit                                                 


“She makes me think twice about quitting”

-Ben, 7th grader

“Lauren has worked so hard to gain back her life from brain damage. Having an older disabled sister it reminded me to not take advantage of things. Lauren inspired me.”

-Makailyn, 7th grader

“Lauren Murphy showed me what bravery really is. She is so strong and she taught me that miracles do happen. Wishing the best to you, Lauren!”

-Riley, 7th grader

“Don’t let negative comments affect your trying to succeed. Don’t give up!”

-Cale, 6th grader

“I find it amazing that Lauren if alive. It makes me hopeful for the future. I find it awesome that she proved the doctors wrong. A professional once told my mom that I would never be able to function in a school environment, but I proved him wrong too. You will forever inspire me, Lauren.”

-Michael, 8th grader

“Lauren’s message of determination, courage and perseverance is contagious. The students in my classroom continue to ask each other,,, What would Lauren do when things get hard for them . . . “

-Marni, 3rd grade teacher

“After listening to Lauren, I was inspired to believe that if you have a disability you can still do a lot of cool things.”

– Gianna, 3rd grade student

“What an uplifting message!  On days that I start feeling sorry for myself, or moaning about the day to day “mundane” tasks like dishes and laundry, I will remember the day to day struggles that you face head on Lauren and “get over myself!”

–  Lisa

“Lauren and her mother were a joy and encouraging. She makes you feel like you can do anything!”

-Lisa 3rd grade teacher

“This presentation was so uplifting and overall positive! Mom and daughter had a great rapport and Lauren was very funny. I can’t even imagine the amount of hard work she puts into her recovery every day and she is an absolute inspiration! Thanks so much for sharing your message with us.” 


“Lauren taught me that you can persevere no matter how hard it may be. I trust her because she has shown the world she can do anything she works at.”

– Avery, 3rd grade student

“I follow Lauren’s social media page and blog. Her recovery has been miraculous. I often think of her hard work and dedication when facing difficulties in life. To meet Colleen and Lauren in person and hear their story…it is nothing short of amazing. Everyone could benefit from hearing these women share their tremendous story. It’s the lesson in resiliency, determination, and discipline we all need to hear.” 

– Stacy