10 Years of Recovery

Sorry for the late post!
Today’s Update is brought to you by Lauren’s sister, Kelsey and the video was created by Lauren’s sister Maggie.
Today marks 10 years since Lauren woke up and decided to go for a run.
How many of you reading this have ever gone on a run while on vacation? The thrilling feeling of waking up before the city is awake. The chill of spring air making you feel invincible.
As many of you know, 10 years ago Lauren was training for the New York Marathon and she wanted to stay on her training program, even while on a work trip.
While on her run, Lauren got up to a crosswalk, looked up and realized it had a flashing hand signal. She likely thought to herself ‘oh I can make this’. Lauren ran across 4 of the 5 lanes in the road. When she was only feet away from the other sidewalk, entering the 5th lane, the light turned green, and a car hit her going 40 miles per hour.
Lauren flew 40 feet in the air hitting only her head on the windshield, and again on the concrete. After being rushed to the hospital Lauren had an emergency brain surgery to remove a portion of her skull, and to remove a portion of her brain.
Lauren has overcome so much in the last 10 years. She has relearned how to swallow, how to hold her head up, how to walk, and probably most importantly—how to walk in heels. The most amazing part of it all has been Lauren’s attitude throughout the entire process. She is so positive with everything that is thrown her way. We have so much to celebrate today. We celebrate that we have an amazing support system, and we also celebrate my mom and dad.
Here are a few fun things you may not know about my parents:
• My parents will celebrate their 33rd wedding anniversary in June
• My mom quit her job and now spends every day making sure Lauren lives the best life possible.
• My dad has also dedicated every day to ensure that Lauren is constantly happy. Lauren and my dad enjoy watering the plants, taking the recycling to the recycling center, ensuring the bird feeder has the perfect amount of food and going on trips to the store.
• My dad and Lauren also love to go hiking, go on runs together, go on long bike rides, and visit catholic churches throughout the St. Louis area every Sunday!
• My mom and Lauren love to get their nails done together and love to shop (Probably Lauren’s favorite activity)
• During the last 10 years my mom has lived in California, Nebraska, Florida, and Chicago all in an attempt to help Lauren get better. Oh, and during that period she got her bachelor’s degree in communications and wrote a best-selling book (check it out on Amazon: Murphys Don’t Quit: 5 keys to unlocking hope when life seems hopeless). https://www.amazon.com/Murphy…/dp/1631955179/ref=sr_1_1
Today in the video my amazingly talented sister, Maggie Murphy created you will get to see a glimpse into the life of Lauren Murphy. Both before her accident, and after.
We hope you enjoy the video and reflect on the miracle of Lauren’s life and enjoy these never before seen clips from her childhood.
If you are looking for a way to show your support, you can attend the pickle ball tournament where we will be celebrating 10 years of recovery. Information can be found on our website Murphysdontquit.com


  1. Great summary of such a huge story and so many details everyday that I’m sure you remember. We were are “WITH TEAM MUTOHY” All the way.
    Love you all.
    The Dumms

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