Summer Update


Lauren has had a busy spring and fast start to summer. Now that the world is back to a little more normalcy, our in person speaking schedule has picked up again. We have had several opportunities to travel while sharing Lauren’s story. The photos below are from a speaking engagement in South Padre Island, Texas. Lauren gives the best hugs and meeting people after an event is always her favorite part of the day. For more information on how to book Lauren for your next corporate event, contact us at;


It is important to us for Lauren to maintain an active lifestyle. She often makes brain injury look easy, but I can assure you that tbi’s are anything but easy. Simple tasks are hard and Lauren’s balance, stamina and cognitive deficits make everything just a little more difficult. Despite this, she refuses to give up, after all, she is a Murphy and we all know that Murphys Don’t Quit… speaking of MDQ, did you know we have a new book? You can purchase a copy here, or here or even here! (Shameless plug)

Last week we went on an amazing family vacation in Hawaii. The highlight was watching Lauren learn to surf. As most of you know Lauren is a DASA athlete and participates in many different sports at home, rock climbing, golf, swimming, tennis, strength training etc. When we travel, I always try and find local organizations like DASA that are committed to helping people with disabilities. Last week Lauren learned to surf with the help of Josh from Surf Clinics of Maui. Her smile lit up the whole island! We are grateful for people like Josh who selflessly share their talent and passion for people like Lauren who just need a little extra help.

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  1. I thought you had a NEW book that you wrote. I was so excited and getting ready to buy it for my dad for Father’s day lol

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