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Lauren is doing well keeping busy with online speech therapy and Words With Friends. I am happy to report that her online shopping skills have returned to pre-accident status. When there’s a will, there’s a way! Ha.

I am happy to share with all of our followers that I was fortunate enough to have been chosen to be an ambassador for John O’Leary’s upcoming book, In Awe. I learned about John after my husband Dave heard him speak at a work event 6 years ago. I was having a hard time being separated from the rest of my family living in Nebraska while Lauren was a patient at QLI in Omaha. The timing was perfect, I began following John as soon as I heard his story. John was severely burned in a bad accident as a kid years ago. (John is also from St. Louis and is a walking miracle just like Lauren). Today John shares his message of hope speaking to groups all around the world.

As an In Awe ambassador, I received an advanced copy several weeks ago. We are all facing difficult times; John’s book offers hope to everyone who reads his story. As I read the book, I jotted down a few passages that stood out to me (there were so many) Here is one of my favorite short passages from In Awe. “We’ve got to wake up to the gifts that are around us and have been from the start.”

There are still so many great things surrounding us as long as we look for them. Days after Lauren’s accident when things looked hopeless, I still held out hope. My favorite brain surgeon said to me “Right now we need to focus on the positive, I am having to reach really far back to find it, but it is there.”

Things are scary right now, yet I remain hopeful that we will all come together stronger than ever. John O’Leary has a gift of always finding the positive, I highly recommend his new book. The book launches in May but can be preordered here;   

John also offers a 21-day challenge that is free. He delivers inspiration right to your inbox. You can sign up at , I promise you will love the challenge as well as his new book! John’s upbeat personality and inspirational podcasts/posts/ emails etc, brought me a great source of comfort during a very difficult time in my life. His new book will do the same for all who are struggling during these uncertain times.

 If you are like me and don’t do well with waiting…John’s last book, On Fire can also be purchased on Amazon.

By reading his books and following him on social media, @jolearyinspires John has been a great source of inspiration as well as role model for Lauren and I. Lauren and I are confident that when this is all over, our speaking engagements will pick up right where we left off. Stay safe!

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  1. John is truly an amazing and inspiring person just like Laure. Happy Palm Sunday. Glad to hear you are staying sage.

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