Kindness is Free

K-5 at Westridge Elementary
5th grade at Woerther Elementary

Last night Lauren participated in rock climbing through DASA at Upper Limits. While she was climbing the wall, two little girls came over and sat at my table to color, they were around 6 years old. Lauren always comes over in between climbs for a drink of water and to rest for a bit. In true Lauren fashion, she struck up a conversation with the girls. When she walked away to start her next climb, one of the little girls asked me how we were related. I told her that she was my daughter and she smiled and said, “Your daughter is really nice.” One of the things we always talk about in our presentations is that kindness is free, last night, Lauren with the help of her new little friends, reminded me how important it is to always spread kindness.

The photo’s are from two groups that we spoke to this week in the Rockwood school district, Lauren shared her message of hope, resilience and grit to almost 600 people. Keep inspiring Lauren.


  1. My husband is a grocery Mgr & said he had the pleasure of meeting you in his store this week. He said he so enjoyed speaking with you! Keep sharing your story & educating others, Lauren❤️

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