Great Night

Members of the 2nd grade Sacred Heart Soccer team all grown up! The young lady, 2nd from left is holding the picture from 2013 when they showed support for Lauren before a soccer game
Sacred Heart 2nd grade soccer team supporting Lauren in 2013

Lauren and I always love meeting the people after our speeches. Monday was no exception.

The year of Lauren’s accident we had many people do kind things for us, one of our favorites was a group of 2nd grade girls that took an interest in Lauren’s story and collected money to give to us at the St. Norbert benefit soccer tournament.

I still remember when these sweet little girls handed me their decorated shoebox full of money. I almost dropped it because it was stocked full of change. I suspect many of these young ladies emptied their piggy banks to support Lauren.

What a gift it was to have the opportunity to share Lauren’s story to the parishioners of Sacred Heart Parish in Florissant, getting to meet those 8th grade girls who showed us so much love six years ago was by far the highlight of the night.

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  1. Wow such beautiful young ladies and what an awesome evening that must have for those young girls to meet and hear Lauren’s story 6 years later. Gives me chills

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