Rough Weekend

Lauren speaking to a group of 3rd graders.

Lauren had rough birthday weekend. She turned 32 on Saturday, Sunday she was set to run her 32nd 5k race since her accident. She had almost finished the race when seizure activity caused her to drop out of the race .3 miles from the finish line. Several people stopped to offer assistance. Her dad and sister Erin were running with her and are experts when it comes to Lauren’s seizures, but we were thankful for all the kind people who stopped. Lauren’s sister Erin is a pediatric ICU nurse so Lauren was in good hands. EMT’s arrived as her first seizure was winding down. Her seizures often come in pairs and Sunday was no different, the medication they gave her in the ambulance to stop the second seizure made her really sleepy.

Lauren’s right arm was extremely weak after the seizures (not unusual) so we were forced to cancel her Top Golf birthday celebration. We will try and reschedule once we can find time to round up the Murphy crew.

On Monday Lauren was dealing with a post seizure headache but battled through despite the pain. She spoke to a group of Rockwood school district 5th graders in the afternoon. This morning (Wednesday) as we were driving to another Rockwood school for her to speak, she asked me if we could go back to Forest Park later to finish the race. I asked her if we could maybe just run the .3 she hasn’t completed on our street instead? She didn’t like that idea, so I promised her I would drive the 45 minutes from our house to Forest Park sometime this week so she could run the last 3 minutes of her race. Ha! Murphys Don’t Quit

Lauren ready to speak to a group of 5th graders

Many of the kids in the group she spoke to this morning asked Lauren if they could give her a hug. Hugs are always free! Keep inspiring Lauren.

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  1. Happy 32nd B-day <3 wishing you a blessed year ahead. Sending a hug your way. You inspire us

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