Keep Inspiring Lauren

We received a wonderful email today from a future Occupational Therapist. Lauren and I had the opportunity to speak with a great group of OT students last week. These type of emails help encourage us to keep spreading tbi and Aphasia awareness.

Hello Murphy women! 
I wanted to send you a sincere thank you for coming to speak to our lab last Friday at WashU. I am originally from Los Angeles. Your story strikes home about how your life can change in an instant because of the constant rush around us. The lab you visited is my absolute favorite part about OT school at WashU, getting to work with Stroke and TBI survivors. I will carry your story around with me always. I find it very encouraging to know at the start of my career what is possible with the amount of determination you possess. It was enlightening and awe-inspiring. I wish you the very best. I will continue to follow your progress and hope to see you again in the future! For my first rotation after graduation next May, I will be placed at Rancho Los Amigos (in Downey, CA) and I hope to receive Cedars-Sinai for my second. I am honored that you allowed us to see in a small part of your miraculous recovery. Thank you again for visiting us. I have told many of my family and friends since last week how incredible you are. Keep fighting! You both are the bright light this world needs more of! 

Sincerely, Hannah S

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