Rough Morning

Lauren completed the Run for the Chocolate 5K this morning. Her favorite cheerleader decided to stay home due to an eye infection and a serious case of “I hate the cold”. I received a text message at 9:38 with her time. ( I signed up for results by text)

6 minutes later, (just enough time for them to get to the car) I received a call from Dave; that Lauren was having some issues.

Unfortunately, Lauren was having some seizure activity that began at the end of the course. (They still finished)

Once they got back to the car, Dave was able to give her the meds that help stop seizures before they become convulsive.

Today was just another reminder of how tough this girl is. She has been a bit under the weather this week with a head cold and sinus pressure. Instead of sleeping in (like I did) she got up early, dressed in layers, took some Sudafed, cleared her nasal passages with Afrin nasal spray, stuffed her pockets with Kleenex and headed out to run 3 miles.

As much as I hate this part of her injury, it serves as a constant reminder of how hard she works to overcome, and how truly incredible she continues to be.


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