Starting the New Year Strong!

Lauren’s started her day making a vision board to go along with her list of 2019 goals. The idea is, if she can see her vision/goals and believe in herself, she has the power to make it happen. I thought that would be the perfect activity to start off the new year.

Lauren’s dad had other plans to start the new year. He had the fabulous idea to take Lauren and her brother Ryan for a hike. This trail has spots overlooking the Missouri River. What he didn’t realize is that to get to those scenic spots, one must go through narrow paths with huge drop offs. Needless to say, he was very nervous during their trek down the path. Lauren had a few mishaps, sliding on slippery roots and rocks and even tripping and falling a couple of times. She made it home in one piece…just a little muddy. This kid never gives up!

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