We Got This

A Facebook memory popped up of us from nearly 7 years ago. It was a photo of us feasting at our first Thanksgiving dinner in Manhattan together. That was one of my favorite days. The Lucys took themselves on a carriage ride through Central Park in the daytime and then a fancy prix fixe meal that evening. After dinner, we stumbled into a Packer’s fan bar to enjoy a cocktail. To our surprise, the owner’s mother had prepared a full-on traditional Thanksgiving feast (for FREE!). I, of course, helped myself to another plate and if my memory serves me right, you just watched me eat while you sipped on your low-calorie cocktail. (I really wish I had your will-power). We attempted to go to another bar, where I insisted on paying. I had only brought my credit card out that night due to my checking account being in the negative. After we ordered our glasses of red wine the bartender told us the total and due to our fortunate luck, it was cash only. After we explained to him that we had no money, he gave us a good wink and said it was on the house. We were thankful.

Fast-forward to the present and we still have so much to be thankful for. I can’t believe this will be my seventh year in the city. Seven years! I thought this was just some fun idea of ours. We never really had a plan post our 1-way tickets. This is also a reminder that it has been nearly 6 years since your accident. We certainly did not have that in our plan. But the power of friendship is truly irreplaceable. Our friendship has grown stronger than ever in ways I never knew it could. This whole road to recovery has taught me so much. Thanks to the help of a great psychologist for me and many physical & speech therapists, nurses, doctors, fitness instructors, and everyday cheerleaders for you — we got our groove back.

I guess the saying is true. “What doesn’t break you makes you stronger”. I just never knew I’d learn that lesson this way. How could we have known? The most fascinating point in all of this is that you are the one still inspiring me, making me want to be stronger, be better. As you continue to prove that you will grow stronger. You are strong.

I am thrilled to embark on this next chapter with you. As I am starting a new career and you are, too. You are an inspiration to so many and I know your story and your power to bring out the best in people will flourish. There were times when I lost hope that we would never be able to communicate like we used to. You always remind me that I am wrong- just in these moments. I wanted to share with our team of cheerleaders a little Lucy talk.

I had told Lauren that I was considering two career opportunities and she texted me this the next morning.


And here, with all the things she needs to focus on throughout the day to accomplish the everyday tasks, she still manages to put others first-in-mind, as the great friend that she is.


The texts we exchange have now turned into full conversations. A year ago she mainly used to send emojis.


Lastly, most of our time is spent talking about NYC! Our True Love. ❤️


The future is ours Luc. There’s really nothing we can’t do. (Well, maybe cook).

Love you, mean it.

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